Modern Medicine, Old-fashioned Care
Redwood Animal Hospital is a full service small animal veterinary facility offering outpatient  preventive care (vaccination, parasite prevention and control, wellness examinations), medical services (minor injuries, eye/ear problems, infections, skin disease) and routine outpatient surgeries (mass removal, ovariohysterectomy, castration, and dental procedures), as well as in-patient medical and surgical care to cats and dogs.  As with most local veterinary hospitals, we also refer intensive-care cases to 24-hour facilities such as REACH and Western Carolina Veterinary Emergency Hospital, and call on the expertise of several specialists in the area when needed.

Our hospital uses state-of-the-art surgical monitoring and anesthesia techniques, in-house laboratory and x-ray capabilities to provide fast and accurate diagnosis, and a dedicated, experienced, and caring staff to provide for your pet's needs. We hope to establish a team relationship with the client whereby we are working together to provide the most humane and desirable outcome for the patient while remaining within the wishes and economic realities of the client.  If you choose to trust us with the care of your pet, please know that it is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

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